Our Going Vegan Story

We recently decided to go vegan and wanted to share our journey along with the recipes, meal plans and information we find along the way. Our intention is to lay the ground work and do the research to make the path easier for others to follow. But before we get into that, we want to talk about WHY we made the switch.

Becoming vegan is something that has been a long, slow journey for us. We had vaguely heard the stories of animal cruelty years ago, but always had the thought, “I could never give up meat!” That was until we started to get serious about our health. Nutrition has always been an interest of ours and we started reading books and watching documentaries that illuminated many things about the food industry in the United States. Here is the order of which we read and watched things, and it will kind of tell you the story of how we got to where we are now.

Food Inc. – Woah, that GMO stuff is no joke! Going all non-GMO, and organic is a priority.
Omnivores Dilemna – Okay, even organic meat is not great. We really need to do a local CSA.
Forks Over Knives – We should probably be vegan.
Cowspiracy – I had no idea meat was so bad for the environment!
What the Health – We are definitely going vegan!
Earthlings – I couldn’t possibly ever imagine eating an animal product ever again.

So we are vegan for MANY reasons, but our top few are: health, environment, and animal cruelty. What more reason would you need? We are not soap-boxy vegan-types, but we do enjoy helping to educate others on what is really behind the animal products they are consuming.

So if you want to follow the path, we recommend starting at Forks Over Knives and moving your way down. WARNING Earthlings is extremely graphic and not meant for sensitive or young audiences. We truly believe that if everyone had this information we would all be consuming plants instead of animals.

So that’s our story. What’s yours? Why did you decide to become vegan?