We’re Expecting! What That Means for My Plant Based Life Style

We have news at Herbivore Diaries! We are expecting our 2nd baby boy and oh has it been tough to be a plant based pregnant mommy. I have found that my will power is way down and cravings for all sorts of crazy things have been way up! This is to be expected of course, but I think during this stage of our lives we have so much pressure to do everything perfect for our growing baby: don’t go in hot tubs, don’t consume too much caffeine, no alcohol, make sure you’re sleeping in the right position… the list goes on! And it’ exhausting.

32 weeks.png

This being my second pregnancy I have to say I am much more relaxed about all the should and should nots. I am listening to my body and doing what feels right. Admittedly that has meant consuming dairy and meat products at various points, but the most important thing is coming back to my plant based life style and realigning with my values. It’s like meditation, we all think we should be totally thoughtless and focused while meditating, but the reality is we get distracted by thoughts, to do lists, and our surroundings. The most important thing is that we come back to our breath, back to our practice. That we take the time to practice every day, and eventually it gets easier. Sure we’ll have hard days, but the point is that we keep trying.

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